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The Party project

Donating Birthday Parties for Children in Local Domestic Violence & Homeless Shelters

The Party Project was started by Jenna Cohan of Whimsy Party in 2016. It is a social media driven grass roots group of volunteers who aim to deliver birthday parties & additional seasonal support (Summer Sun Kits, Fall Fresh Start Backpacks, Holiday etc) to children living in local homeless and domestic violence shelters. We feel that a birthday party is something all children should experience no matter what their situation or environment is-it should not be a luxury for just some of our children. For families and children facing homelessness, they are constantly coping with a new normal and they need our help. These birthday party boxes and activity parties are given in the spirit of making sure these children feel loved, celebrated and of course-normal. We are not a formal charity organization so our donations are given “in kind” and do not involve cash. The Party Project is a community based movement to lift up children in our local shelters and we would love to have you join our project.

*Beginning Fall 2017, The Party Project will kick off family to family sponsorships. Families will commit to “sponsoring” a shelter family for 6 months in the form of monthly box of needed items i.e. healthy non perishables, laundry detergent, healthy kids snacks, , family game or activity, non meat recipes for mom etc. This is our way of encouraging parental empowerment & wholesome family time as well as making sure the children within the shelter family have needed every day items. More details coming soon!

How You Can Get Involved-2 Ways!

1.) The BDay Box Donation which delivers birthday party supplies and gifts to a child ages 1-19 living in a shelter or violence safe location so they can celebrate regardless of their current environment. We found this to be incredibly empowering to the mothers and families as well. For a mom who has not been able to provide many material items let alone a birthday party, this Bday Box is an inspiring item for all involved.

Bday Box Donation Details:

This is perfect for individuals, families, schools and groups who want to take action and bring a smile to a child’s face! A great way for students needing to fill service hours or religious groups looking to come together. If you are celebrating your own birthday you could opt to have your own guests fill this BdayBox for a child in need.

How To Get Started:

-Join our Facebook group The Party Project to learn of upcoming Bday Box needs as well as ongoing help initiatives we are doing for the shelter families. There is always a way to get you & your family involved.

-Print out the material on how to set up and deliver the Bday Box. Below is a list of all items you would need to purchase to fill your box, guidelines and drop off/mailing information. All Bday Boxes must include gift items + party supplies (party supplies are cake mix, icing, paper decor) We have broken out the Bday Box donation for suggested items, quantities, places to purchase & suggested brands for the following ages and *Please see below for BDay Box Item List Per Box

Toddler Boy

Toddler Girl

Grade School Boy

Grade School Gir

Teenage Boy

Teenage Girl

Newborn Gender Neutral

+ Party Supplies for Each BDay Box

*Items We Cannot Gift/Donate To The Children: To keep the children we are serving safe and to be conscious of space constraints we cannot offer them used items, stuffed animals, pinatas, candy, violent toys, personal birthday cards, electronics or video games, room decor, gift cards, ride on toys, or any item that could be considered an allergy or choking hazard.

*Gifting Guidelines For All BDay Boxes:

Gifts Must All Be New In Their Original Packaging and Wrapped. It is best to provide any necessary batteries. All boxes must be boxed in a 10-ream cardboard box with a lid from an office supply store Staples, Office Depot, Amazon etc. These boxes must be wrapped in craft paper or wrapping paper please. Important: please remember to pack the party supplies as well!

*BDay Box Item List Based On Age & Gender

Newborn Gender Neutral

2 Books

Set of Bath Washcloths

Baby Soap for Bath

1 Set of Pacifiers

1 Newborn Diaper + Wipes Pack

Toddler Girl or Boy (1-4 years)

2 Books

Craft Supplies

1 Age Appropriate Toy (Suggested Brands via Amazon: VTech, Mellissa&Doug, Playmobil, KidCraft)

+ Party Supplies (10 paper plates, tablecloth, napkins, box of cake mix and icing)

Grade School Girl or Boy (5-10 years)

2 Books

Board Game or Handheld Game i.e. Rubix Cube

Craft Supplies (craft kits, paper colored pencils, pens, sketchbooks)

1 Age Appropriate Toy (Suggested Brands via Amazon: VTech, Mellissa&Doug, Playmobil, KidCraft)

+Party Supplies  (10 paper plates, tablecloth, napkins, box of cake mix and icing)

Teen Boy/Girl (13-18 years)

1 Hygeine/Beauty Item i.e. Ax Set, Lotion Sets, Make Up, Nail Polish

1 Sports Equipment (football, yoga mat etc)

Water Bottle

1 Book

+Party Supplies  (10 paper plates, tablecloth, napkins, box of cake mix and icing)

Above & Beyond Bday Box Ideas?

Email us or post to the FB group if you would like to also cook or arrange a dinner/lunch food donation to the birthday child and his or her family

Email us or post to the FB group if you would like to arrange for balloons for the birthday child to be delivered with his/her BDay Box or at the Activity Party

Have other ideas? We want to hear about them! Just be advised we are not a formal charity, just a concerned group so we cannot donate cash or certain goods but we can facilitate some great things that will directly change the lives of the children who need it the most.